Speaking at London Hopper Colloquium 2013

On 23rd May, I’m really excited to be speaking at the 2013 London Hopper Colloquium:


I’ll be talking about ‘Being Passionate and Working on Things that Matter’.

In addition, I was recently featured as part of an EU project called 100 Mirrors, highlighting some of the top 100 ‘enterprising’ women in Europe:


Popularity of Shakespeare in Numbers (Infographic)

For one of my hacks for the EDINA ran Will’s World Hack day/week, I’ve decided to compile an infographic/visualisation using the search results from a number of search engines.

Shakespeare Popularity in Numbers


The data was compiled in a few ways:

  • The demographic data came from Yahoo Clues using the search term ‘shakespeare’
  • The film adaptations number came from Listal.com using the phrase ‘shakespeare adaptations’
  • The popular plays data was acquired through a php script co-written by myself and a colleague (Chris Reilly). It cycled through all the play’s names and grabbed the number of overall results from Google
  • The phrase completion data was a combination of playing with Google Autocomplete and Google search results

The hack itself took just under 5 hours. At least 1 of those hours was trying to work out what infographic package to use (I’ve never used any before) and understanding what makes an interesting infographic.

Things I am thankful for


  • working on something which I care about
  • working with people that I trust
  • having great friends and family that are incredibly supportive
  • achieving my childhood ambition
  • get to play games and call it ‘research’

Interface3 has just crossed another milestone. Through these last few years, we’ve worked hard and kept going. I aim to have the same commitment and standards for the next few years. 

Rockin’ the US of A

A few weeks ago, I was in the U.S. for a mammoth 2.5 week trip encompassing 4 different conferences:

  • Cross Creative San Francisco Trip
  • Digital Media and Learning (DML)
  • Games Developers Conference (GDC)
  • South by South West (SxSW)

It was probably one of most memorable trips of my entire life.

There are some great photos by Carole Dunlop from TRC on the XCreative trip.

I also came back with a ton of ideas for Interface3. All this got pulled into a strategic plan that we’re adding to, modifying and executing. Watch out for news!