#24 Saying no for the week … [#30before30]

Spurred on by a conversation this afternoon, I'm going to try and tick another thing off my list by saying no to things this week. This 'thing' was created because I would say 'yes' too much - to a fixing something, or to buying something or to organising some event. I'm just really bad for … Continue reading #24 Saying no for the week … [#30before30]


#17 Go Cheese Chasing [30before30]

Tomorrow is the traditional Late Spring Bank Holiday Monday that the annual Cheese-Rolling Festival at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire takes place. The sad thing is, due to health and safety reasons, it looks like the 2011 is going to be cancelled (similar to the 2010 event). The police are worried that people will break their … Continue reading #17 Go Cheese Chasing [30before30]